TheSuz say: shoutout to Gembot and TheAuthors


FASHIONTEXT   fatetext
gemrl         gemopt
leftsmile     fabletext
sharkinjury   suitmash
sharkpages    shajury
susiebot      zylabot
suzybot       suzsaybot

su(sie|zy)future    =

suzycoin      suzsay
suzythe       suziethe
thesu(*ie|zy) thesuzsay
thesuzybot    susiethe
thesuzytodd   suzytoddbot
tperry256     faqreport
TSUZY         fametext
Chakral Mapping:

7 fashiontext   FATETEXT
6 leftsmile     fabletext
5 sharkinjury   suitmash
4 thesu(*ie|zy) thesuzsay
3 sharkpages    shajury
2 suzybot       suzsaybot
1 suzycoin      suzsay    ( toddzyla )

7 suzythe       suziethe
6 tperry256     faqreport
5 gemrl         gemopt
4 thesuzybot    susiethe
3 thesuzytodd   suzytoddbot
2 susiebot      zylabot
1 tsuzy         FAMETEXT

thesuzsay mascot photo, in a little black dress mirrored

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